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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Geriatric Care Manager?

A Professional Geriatric Care Manager (PGCM) is a health and human services specialist who helps families who are caring for older relatives.  The PGCM is trained and experienced in any one of several fields related to long-term care, including, but not limited to: nursing, gerontology, social work, or long term care administration, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care.

The PGCM performs a comprehensive assessment resulting in the development of a Care Plan and endeavors to find the least costly, most appropriate services to meet the client’s needs while attempting to enhance the client’s quality of life.

The PGCM is often a liaison between client and client’s family as well as with clinical specialists, financial counselors, legal advisors, and insurance representatives.

The PGCM should be certified by a professional accreditation service such as the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.

Do I Really Need a Professional Geriatric Care Manager?

When considering engaging the services of a PGCM, you should ask yourself whether you have the time, inclination, or skills to manage the challenges of geriatric care.  If you are not sure, ask a trusted advisor to help you decide if an elder care professional may be helpful.  Enlisting the support of other family members to consult a professional is a good way to build a consensus on the solutions.

 Questions that you may want to consider:

  • Are the problems that you or your loved ones facing becoming larger and more complex than you can comfortably manage?
  • Are other demands and responsibilities now so great that you are not able to provide the desired level of supervision and attention to your loved one’s problems?
  • Are you geographically close to your loved one to perform necessary monitoring?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the many possible options and not sure how to evaluate them?
  • Is your role as a family caregiver compromising your role as a daughter/son?

What Can Senior Care Planning Services Do for Me?

The prospect of an older person losing their independence can be daunting to say the least.  It’s especially tough when an older person faces the reality that they need extra help – both at home and with their daily activities. The transition from home to a Retirement or Care Facility can be too much to bear & is often overwhelming (for you and your loved ones).

Senior Care Planning Services offers an advisory service that provides a skilled Care Manager with the experience and sensitivity to make this transition process more palatable while keeping the client and their family involved with the decision making process.

Some of our services include but not limited to:

  • Provide advocacy, information, and resources, and provide on-going advocacy once admitted.
  • Perform care management assessments to identify the psycho-social/functional status of the client.
  • Design, implement, and monitor a plan of care appropriate to the needs of the client.
  • Communicate with client family regarding changing needs and the development and maintenance of realistic goals.
  • Supervise and monitor home care and other community-based services delivered to client to assure consistency of quality and continuity of care.
  • Facilitate placements into assisted living and/or long term care facilities, as needed.
  • Liaison to out-of-town family members.
  • Review financial, legal, or medical issues and offer referrals to specialists as needed.